You can find out more about the history of Plaxtol by reading the following publications

Our many publications, most of them lavishly illustrated, provide detailed information on a wide range of Plaxtol history. For more details, please see Books etc

In addition, the following articles and other publications, many of them written by our President, Jayne Semple FSA, contain detailed information on many aspects of the history of Plaxtol.

Many volumes of Archaeologia Cantiana (which is published by Kent Archaeological Society) have been digitised by them and are freely available online by clicking here.

Attack and Defence at Old Soar Manor Plaxtol, by Derek Renn, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXI, 2001, pages 203-237.

Ford Place, Wrotham, by Jayne Semple and Kenneth Gravett, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXI, 2001, pages 287-315.

Old Soar Manor, near Plaxtol, Land and Occupants over Seven Centuries, by Jayne Semple, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXIX, 2009, pages 155-189.

Roughway Paper Mills, Manufacturers of Watermarked Stamp Papers, by David Gurney FRPSL, The London Philatelist (Journal of the Royal Philatelic Society, London), October 2008, volume 117, pages  285-291

The Evidence of Settlement at Plaxtol in the Late Iron Age and Roman-British Periods, by Malcolm Davies, Archaeolgia Cantiana, volume CXXIX, pages 257-279. 

The Medieval Deer Parks of Wrotham, by Jayne Semple, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXVIII, 2008, pages 179-209.

The Medieval Tile Makers of Borough Green, by Jayne Semple, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXVII, 2007, pages 297-321.

The Potters of Wrotham Manor 1283-1600,  by Jayne Semple, English Ceramic Circle Transactions, volume 20, Part 2, 2008.

The Tanners of Wrotham Manor 1400-1600, by Jayne Semple, Archaeologia Cantiana, volume CXXVI, 2006, pages 1-26.



Following his excellent talk on Stained Glass in Kent on 14 February 2017, Sir Paul Britton has kindly provided the following handout with details of some interesting stained glass around Tonbridge: Stained glass around Tonbridge 

Please feel free to print out a copy - and enjoy exploring!