A summary of the contents of the Archives of the Plaxtol Local History Group

The Plaxtol Local History Group has an extensive and growing Archive of information, photos, postcards, maps, publications and artefacts relevant to the history of Plaxtol, from Roman times to more recent times. Much of the Archive consists of research papers donated by two of the founders of the Plaxtol Local History Group, our President Jayne Semple FSA and a former President, the late Mollie Lewis.

Our energetic and enthusiastic Archivist has reorganised and catalogued our Archives to make it easier to find information or photos relevant to a particular topic. The main categories relate to:

  • The Parish Church and churchyard, village schools and Plaxtol Institutions, such as the former Plaxtol and District Rabbit Clearance Society Limited!
  • Village Events, such as Royal Celebrations and past Exhibitions.
  • Houses, Farms and other Buildings.
  • Trade and Industry, including the many Mills formerly dotted around the Parish.
  • Several notable local Families and dozens of former Inhabitants.
  • Archaeological Excavations, including the Roman villa at Allenís Farm.
  • Beerhouses and Inns, past and present.
  • The impact of the First and Second World Wars on Plaxtol.
  • Plaxtol Census Returns and Wrotham Tithe Awards.
  • Planning and Local Government - the Bourne Valley was one of the routes considered for the Channel Tunnel High Speed Rail Link.
  • Audio and visual recordings of the village, including tapes of interviews with a number of villagers.
  • Adjacent Villages, including Ightham, Shipbourne and Wrotham.
  • Village History, including Hearth Tax Returns and transcripts or copies of various documents in the Centre for Kentish Studies relating to Plaxtol, its buildings or inhabitants.
  • Newspaper cuttings of local interest.

Donations of suitable items to the Archives are always welcome. If you have anything of local interest that you would like to donate to our Archives, please bring it along to one of our Talks or Contact Us.